Scooby on Katzenworld TRT #250!

You may view Scooby joining Katzenworld TRT #250 today! This is not the first time, but it is a new photograph!

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NOTE: New post featuring the two boys tomorrow Wednesday!



  1. Einfach nur liebe Grüsse geschickt….dich nicht vergessen aber eine fiesen Virus eingefangen, und nach zwei Tagen stramm liegen heute wieder hoch.

    Läuft aber doch noch nicht so gut wie ich dachte, aber Grüssle müssen sein


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    1. I think all my cats have been on there some time or another. They always have great cats and frequently I see familiar ones. Could have posted Scoobys photo here but people would not click away and miss out! When this post is older I will post him here. You can see how excited Scooby is about it! Wishing you a good week Mia!

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