The Cats on Voodoo Island!

Today’s post shows Zeke and Scooby and Opie The Cats on Voodoo Island!

Mt Rainier volcano
Zeke in window
Zeke on Voodoo Island
Scooby pirate
Opie in the Jungle

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        1. Looked around for your gatorman in the suit–our fav post of yours–but he was not on the island. Watched several episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Sunday night. They had a hurricane with zombies flying around in it–a “zombie-cane! “Doesn’t get much better than that! Fortunately weather was good on Voodoo Island. Scooby guest post tomorrow Tuesday. Wednesday the two boys. Have a stressfree week!

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          1. Hi Greg, now you’ve got me thinking about, The Island of Doctor Moreau. You know all the “off” experiments! 😉 I think that’s how the gatorman came into existence in his movie. You’ve got to love H. G. Wells! Fabulous term, “zombie-cane”, love it! Alright, thank you for letting me know, I’ll be looking out for Scooby’s guest post and on Wednesday for the other two boys. Working on a week free of stress, thank you. Likewise, wishing you the same!

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  1. So cute♥ I love the pics and your cats how they enjoy it. Thanks for sharing, and also your welcome words in my blog.

    Wishing you all the best I am sending greetings over to your place


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