1. Aww! I had bunk beds in the guest room too, until Mom gave them away because there wasn’t enough room due to there being a queen size bed in there too. But I always liked sleeping on the top bunk!
    Your friend, Foster

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    1. Fighting is over and beds sorted. If we had a higher ceiling, we could have a third bed added, making a triple cat-burger with each cat in it’s own bed! Thanks for the comment Tabbies!


    1. When the bunkbed was installed, Marigold and Scooby claimed the top bunk and shared it. Sometimes if no one is around, Zeke will sleep up there, but mostly he stays in the lower bunk. There is a blanket that hangs down from the top bunk to the mattress of the bottom bunk, turning it into a dark cave! Zeke prefers to sleep in the cave. My daughter sleeps in the cave as well. Opie sleeps in a tent in the box bedroom with the computer in, most of the time. She doesn’t ever go in the bunkbed. So those are the present sleeping arrangements. Enjoy your evening, Christine! x😻😻❤️️


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