Lounging Cats / Notice

Here are a few photos of the cats lounging around. The Notice is that this is the LAST post until 1 December 2019!

Opie cat in window
Opie lounging in the window
Zeke cat in chair
Zeke lounging in chair
Scooby cat in cat bed
Scooby lounging in cat bed
Zeke Scooby
Zeke says we are not supposed to be in here! Scooby says if I keep my eyes closed no one can see me!
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  1. It’s a tough life being a cat… all that lounging around is hard work… humans really don’t understand that there is an art to looking like you are doing nothing.

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  2. We have to wait for Dec 1st – 0h No! We need more of this super-cuteness before then! Okay, enjoy your holiday, but make sure you catch us up on the 1st!

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