Catio Nights: Early Edition

Catio Nights: Early Edition. I looked back and it has been literally years since our series Catio Nights was on the air. I talked with the Editor and the Producer and the original cast agreed to return today for a new episode. Opie is not a member of the Catio Nights cast always preferring to enjoy the catio alone in the sunshine privately. No coaxing seems to change her mind. The early series was all shot not long after sunset. This episode was shot in the morning before sunrise. The attraction at this time is all the sleeping morning animals waking up. With no further adieu, let’s get on with it!

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  1. I think the cats enjoy watching things at night even more than during the day. At night, there’s some mystery to be had. P.S. I’ve been actively stamp collecting again. Now I need to spend some time organizing the new stamps into the album. Definitely a task for when kittens are sleeping.

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