Thanksgiving Break

WE are back; however, we have a Thanksgiving Break so we won’t be posting again until the Holiday weekend is over. Today we all decided to show up–Zeke, Opie, and Scooby. Not much happening around the house out of the ordinary as we demonstrate to you all today. We are all fine by the way, and happily looks like we will all make it through another year. Hope all have a good Thanksgiving. It is going to be what you make of it again this year, what with the contagion everywhere. We already have our Christmas decorations out as Christmas is right around the corner, so we will be waiting for Santa Paws to arrive.

Scooby fireplace
Scooby and nip toys
cat zeke scratcher
Don’t bother me (Zeke) Thinking outside the box and inside the Triangle
Opie chilling out
signature greg
signature greg


  1. Nice fireplace! Sunny would be jealous if she knew what one was. I haven’t lived in a home with a fireplace since I left Minnesota. The county I live in actively discourages homeowners from using them, with good reason—sparks start wildfires, even in the winter. But I love me a good fire during the dark, cold months. Happy Thanksgiving! And glad you aren’t under water. My son in Olympia said it wasn’t bad south of Seattle, but the NW portion near the Canadian border was flooded by the atmospheric river that we were hoping would come south to California!

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