Catio Opens on rainy morning

Catio Opens on rainy morning as Spring arrives. It got an inspection a few days back and the concrete blocks are new as the wooden table rotted away and was unsafe. The catio is half sheltered by the eave of the roof if the wind is not blowing. The boys wanted some wet grass which they threw up when they got inside the house. Thanks guys. I may replace the bricks with something else. We will see. So I guess Spring has arrived! Opie is on the windowssill in her room watching from above. Happy Spring!

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  1. Foster: How fun! I wouldn’t mind eating some wet grass so I could throw up on the floor, too.
    Panda: I’m with Opie, I’d rather stay inside and look out the window! Unless they’re having any delicious bamboo out there…

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  2. Glad they are enjoying outside catio time. There is nothing like fresh grass for a good yak! Flynn would eat it during our field walks, then wait to get indoors to throw it up again.

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    1. It is the most popular thing the cats have. They can spend hours out there depending on the weather. Of course at night I close it up and it is locked up when no one is home. I check it every time I open the window entrance and stick my head out to ensure integrity.

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