Focus on Zeke (2)

Focus on Zeke (2) presents a few nice photos of Zeke. He is also referred to here as “Zeekers”! State law says he must have a rabies inoculation and be registered like a dog, and wear his tags at all time. He just had a new inoculation. Too late to hide now! It is funny how the cats yowl all the way to the vet inside the car, but when they are returned to the car, they don’t make a sound. They just seem to know that the worst is over and they are going home. Zeke is a Maine Coon and the one cat here that is always on the prowl for human food. He likes to try everything though he doesn’t like everything. His paw is lightning fast like a snake and can whip something right off your dinner plate! He likes his blankets.

Zeke on piana
Flashback Christmas 2009
Zeke the cat sleeping
Zeke sleeping
Zeke and Yoda
Zeke and Baby Yoda
Zeke 2017
Zeke hiding
Zeke keeping warm hiding
Zeke in catio
Zeke in catio on foggy day
Zeke the cat
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Cats and Windows

Cats and windows go together. A cat’s hunting instincts cause them to always be on the lookout for something to hunt–watching outside for some kind of movements–something to keep them from being bored inside and stimulate their minds. My catio has taken things a bit further. Indeed cleaning it out I have found dead birds and small mouse carcasses inside–the large fence wire I used allowing them easy access if they dared. I have on the rare occasion had a live bird fly through and fly around in the house! The catio is a large improvement on the window, but there is not free reign to go out. Weather is a factor and someone must be at home to have it open; therefore, the window is the good old standby always available.

Scooby and Zeke
Scooby in window
cat in window
CATIO entrance: Scooby says it is pretty dark out there! Better light up my high beams!
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Christine’s Calendar Cat for May 2018 (Posted 2021)

Christine’s Calendar Cat for May 2018 was Zeke. I don’t know exactly what he is doing here. I believe the purple thing is his old catnip dynamite stick. There is a county law that cats must be licensed and wear tag like a dog, plus law requires a rabies vaccination also. That is why he has so much hardware around his neck. This is the final calendar cat post.

Zeke the cat sitting on the floor
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