Mt Rainier airport

Sunny Daze with Scooby

Sunny Daze with Scooby describes what life is like here lately. We are in a drought emergency statewide and everything has dried up. The sky is blue and cloudless. [My photo Mt Rainier. (elevation 14410 ft or 4392 m)] Now it is very warm and as much as Scooby got prepared to go for a walk as you see, it is better to stay inside out of the sun and try to stay cool. He is a bit disappointed. He gets carsick so no airplane rides if that is what you are thinking. A scenic one hour flight is $100 which includes a hamburger and fries at the Top Gun Bar & Grill adjacent. I do not know the cat $ rate.

Scooby in hat
Scooby sleeping in hat
Time for a nap.
signature greg
signature greg

Zeke and Armed Forces Day

Today is Armed Forces Day. The holiday was created in 1949 by President Truman to celebrate the patriots in the armed forces. Today I decided to show a vintage F86D “Sabre Dog”. I took the photograph at the JBLM (McChord) Air Museum. Something about this picture does not look right. Anyway, The Sabre Dog first flew in 1952 and could go as fast as 700 miles per hour. It carried no guns. It had four missiles inside an internal weapons bay. It was an interceptor designed to shoot down bombers.


F86D Sabre Dog 317th FIS

This sabre dog is painted in the 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron colors, which all of their airplanes had.

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