Catio Hijinks

Catio hijinks features a rare photo of all four of my cats in the catio in one photograph.  The cats took it upon themselves to set the scene themselves.

Scooby Marigold Zeke

Scooby having a scratch

Marigold Scooby Zeke

Zeke says Opie has arrived!

Opie attacks Scooby in catio

Opie attacks Scooby when he is not looking! Whaaaaaaaa?

4 cats in caatio

Opie took Scooby’s spot on the shelf. Notice how they are watching each other. Another rare 4 cats in one photo! Clockwise from the top Opie Scooby Zeke Marigold



  1. You are doing good work by showing the pics of the catico and how much your kitties enjoy being outdoors while still being safe. I hope others that follow you will take heed and be smart about keeping their cats safe. I know that I really like my two caticos. They were just about the best investment that I have made in my life time to help all the cats that I have rescued. Make no mistake about it. A catico is worth the time, investment and effort.

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