Float like a Butterfly . . .

Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee! That was some old boxing advice! Here at Christmas, Zeke got to try his paws at boxing a real butterfly sort of. The butterfly has turned out to be the most desireable plaything in the house. Scooby loves it as well. Here Scooby is the referee. Zeke has a great right jab!

Zeke the cat boxing a butterfly
Zeke boxing the butterfly at Christmas
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  1. 🤣 Aw! Aren’t they cute! We have a similar plaything here but it’s a bumblebee with catnip in it. Must admit I love the butterfly. Looks like your kiddos do too!

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  2. Muhammad Ali was the boxer who made that phrase famous. Bet you didn’t know that my full name is Laila Ali. I was named after Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali, who was a female boxer back in the day. I was quite the boxer back in my day, so Mom thought that was a purrfect name for me. Zeke, you are an awesome boxer!!!

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