Another Feline Cafe Monday

Yes, it is another Feline Cafe Monday. It is hard to tell one day from the other, but that is not very important to us here. Today we show the boys eating. Unfortunately Scooby is a food bully, and has to have his food bowl given to him first. If someone else gets a bowl first, Scooby goes over and sticks his head in the bowl pushing Zeke’s head out; therefore, I prepare two, put down Scooby’s and then Zeke’s, at a respectable distance. What about Opie. She gets delivery to her bedroom, and no one would dare mess with her bowl! It’s nice Catio Weather and Zeke spends most of his time outside in it. Scooby eats and sleeps mostly. Finally we show Opie in her catbed in her room.

Scooby and Zeke eating
Scooby and Zeke eating
Scooby sleeping
Scooby having a nap. It is cooler on the floor.
Zeke in catio
Zeke relaxing out in the catio on a cloudy cool day, but with his fur, who cares?
Opie in catbed
Opie sleeping in her catbed with her body guards keeping watch (for Scooby)
Zeke tummy
This Zeke tummy fur is a sign a hard Winter is coming!
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  1. Great photos of the cats! We especially love the body guards. Wes shares foods and bowls pretty good. This morning both Mes (Marv) and Kozmo was telling Mom that one bowl was much better than the other (even though the same food was in the same kind of bowl) we had to eats out of the same one.
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

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  2. Opie has some badass-looking bodyguards. 😁

    Jiggy also eats everyone’s food if I don’t keep watch. He wolfs it down fast so he can eat his sisters’ food as well. Layla and Motmot act like they don’t mind. They just sit there and watch their brother steal their food. 😅

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  3. Oh Zeke! I hope you’re wrong and winter is relatively mild, or at least tolerable. After the summer we’re getting, we need a break!

    Scooby, it’s not nice to bully your brother but I love your Dad’s photos of you napping. Take care!

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  4. Glad you have figured out a way to feed and keep the peace ! When I feed the outdoor cats, I am not always fast enough to get to the last one’s dish before the first one is done and ready to move on ! Purrs to your clowder !

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