The Visiting Cat

The Visiting Cat is a view of a local cat who has been frequently visiting our house. He has been around for several years, but I don’t know where he lives. Life here is very quiet. The Visiting Cat always gets the cats activated. Where is Opie you may well ask? Opie spends her day in her bedroom on the second floor on the windowsill looking down on the catio and backyard. She sees a lot and knows more than she is telling. She is free to come and go inside the house. Scooby likes napping out there in the catio in the fresh air.

Scooby Zeke catio
Zeke and Scooby spy the visiting cat
The visiting cat
The Visiting Cat
scooby napping in the catio
Scooby napping
Greg and Opie
OPIE says Here I AM! Ha Ha!
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  1. I think the visiting cat wants to join your cat’s living arrangement. Love the Cat pictures.
    Sorry been a stranger but that’s all due to computer problems.

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    1. Glad you were able to stop by Crystal.😺I thought a bear might have got you!You are right this cat would not like to be cooped up indoors when he has such a good roaming life as a happy wanderer. 😺 He May fight my others who get along very well so no home for him here.


  2. Scooby is such a cutie! Turns out Holly is afraid of thunder which we don’t get much of in California, but lately it’s hot and a lot of storms. I hope it’s nicer up there!

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  3. We used to have Taco, a handsome (unclaimed) tuxedo kitty stop by to annoy the resident cat, later, cats. He went to his reward, then another unclaimed tuxedo took his place. Son or daughter of Taco? I like to think so. They bear a strong resemblance, very similar markings. Those visiting cats add a lot to the pleasure of the outdoors, though they can become a problem, too, if they are unspayed females.

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  4. Scooby looks so comfy taking his nap on the catio! We have an occasional Visiting Cat around here too. Yesterday we had a visiting lizard, which Foster enjoyed watching through the sliding glass door.

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  5. Scooby looks so relaxed and blissful. I’m jealous! It’s been too hot to sleep well out here, and Sunny has been meowing all night. (We had thunderstorms last night, which scared her. Being a California cat, she’s not used to the flash and noise.) Take care, Greg!

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  6. The visiting cat looks relaxed and well fed so must have a home nearby. Maybe he likes to come and admire your nice green lawn.

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  7. I wish my cats had a view like that. There’s no grass and almost zero greenery where we live, just a giant mystery weed that grew on top of our gate post. 😛

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