Another Day in the Life (2)

Another Day in the Life (2) shows all three of the cats here doing one or more of their daily activities. Scooby appears in a shopping bag quite pleased with himself for finding it and getting inside it. Perhaps he thinks he is going along shopping. We see Opie enjoying some solo time out in the catio and also eyeball to eyeball with a computer bird! Zeke is simply lying in bed thinking about being a tiger. Where does that idea come from?

Zeke and Scooby in catio
Zeke and Scooby eating grass
signature greg
signature greg


  1. Great shots of you guys! We LOVE them all! Thanks for coming to visit us! We are hoping that we can get Mom to help us post (and write comments) a couple of times a week, even though she is still pretty busy. She told us that it would be less when she retired…but it has not been that way!.

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  2. Adorable photos. Scooby does look quite pleased with himself. Looks like they are all keeping busy. Hope you have a nice Easter.

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  3. I enjoyed seeing everybody in the same post and doing their favorite things. How nice that they have a catio too.
    Katie Isabella

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