Weird and Wonderful Flashbacks

Weird and Wonderful Flashbacks mostly from 2015. Sorry I’m late today. Anyway prepare to see: Cat under a Christmas tree, a spirit orb, a cat in a tunnel, a cat at the vet, a cat outside, a cat snacking on cheese, and a cat in a drawer!

Opie and Christmas trees
Opie says don’t forget Christmas is coming! This doesn’t smell like a real tree.
ghost orb
My photo of a spirit orb–a deceased cat or my late wife checking up on me. My blogspot blog is deleted. Photo not retouched but cropped from a larger photograph.
zeke in tunnel
Zeke in tunnel
Opie in carrier
Opie says: Oh no, it’s the VET!
opie outside
Opie outside for a supervised walkabout. The grill rusted away, the table rotted and the plant died.
cat and crackers
Angel Marigold helping herself to cheese crackers or perhaps an Elf!
Zeke on Memorial Day
Zeke on Memorial Day. Once again the blogspot blog is deleted.
signature greg
signature greg


  1. Was the spirit orb in your current home? If so, have you experienced anything “weird” since then?

    Just wondering! I’m from a family who believed in ghosts and the afterlife, and some of them claimed to have seen deceased relatives and others. The dead don’t seem very interested in communicating with me however, unless you count my dog and one of my cats, Eliza. I felt both of them jumping on my bed at night, and something/someone kept knocking my books off of the coffee table in the living room after I had gone to bed. It was something I expected a cat to do, so I thought it might be Eliza.

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