Scooby Booster

Scooby Booster. Scooby says this blog needs a booster shot to keep it going this week, so he volunteered this photo of himself out in the catio doing what he does mostly. Doesn’t he have a lovely “bullseye” mid-torso? A classic tabby pattern. Thanks bro! I need a boost every once in a while. Don’t we all?

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Catio Nights: Early Edition

Catio Nights: Early Edition. I looked back and it has been literally years since our series Catio Nights was on the air. I talked with the Editor and the Producer and the original cast agreed to return today for a new episode. Opie is not a member of the Catio Nights cast always preferring to enjoy the catio alone in the sunshine privately. No coaxing seems to change her mind. The early series was all shot not long after sunset. This episode was shot in the morning before sunrise. The attraction at this time is all the sleeping morning animals waking up. With no further adieu, let’s get on with it!

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Opie says No to Snow

Opie says No to Snow. She made a big fuss for me to open the window leading to the catio. I didn’t want to let all that cold air in but she made a song and dance about it, so I relented. I knew she wouldn’t like it and I was right. One look out there was enough to bring her into the house and look at me as if it were my fault it was cold outside. So she settled down on my computer chair just for spite. Hopefully the snow is gone for the rest of this Winter and the “snow cat” blogs will be over.

Opie in snowy catio
Opie says I don’t like this!
Opie in chair
I am staying here in this chair!
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Scooby the Snow Cat

Scooby the Snow Cat. Everyone should know by now that Scooby is a snow cat. He likes going outside in the snow. When he finally comes inside he finds a nice warm spot and goes to sleep. This is the beginning of a big winter storm moving west to east across the United States. More snow is falling as I write this. Fortunately we have all we need and just sit inside enjoying the view. Looks like what Christmas should have looked like. I still have my Christmas cards stuck on the wall! Think I’ll leave them up.

Zeke says: Look at Scooby!
Scooby the Snow Cat in his Tartan (dog) harness!
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