Scottish Flag

Happy Robert Burns Day (Scotland) !

In this post, Zeke will examine the presentation of Scottish poet Robert Burns’ works (1759 – 1796) in an 1870 vintage book titled: “The Illustrated Family Burns” on this Robert Burns Day in Scotland.

The Illustrated Family Burns

The Illustrated Family Burns

My literary cat Zeke, editor in chief, decided upon this issue. as Christine and Spike are celebrating in Scotland today. The book has over 700 pages and 100 illustrations, some of which shall be presented here. This particular copy and cover I was unable to find on the internet. The publisher was Belford, Clarke, & Co., Chicago and New York.  Zeke’s favourite Burns poem is “To a Mouse”.

Zeke preferred to post the illustrations for you. He decided not to post any grim, or sad prints, so we concentrate on animals and happy times. There are, of course, a few cats depicted. See illustrations and more!

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Christmas Reindeer Sighted!

Scooby Reindeer
Scooby reindeer

Christmas Reindeer have been sighted in the area.  I think they are scouting out all the chimneys beforehand to ensure their are no problems.  You can see the great anticipation in their faces!  Don’t know if it is going to snow, but we can hope.  Hope everyone has been good this year, and gets lots of prezzies!  It is not too late to start if you haven’t!

Opie Reindeer
Opie Reindeer
Marigold cat

Christmas Means (2018)


zeke laundry basket no meta
I am a bad boy, again!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  exploring the new Christmas tree!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  remembering the cats of Christmas past. . . .
cat cemetery 2013
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting together new cat furniture.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  eating good food
Zeke dinner table


 2013-11-16_Zeke in box nmd
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  playing in the snow!
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sitting in the dark with Christmas lights for illumination.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  arranging the tree branches.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  looking for burned out light bulbs.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  adjusting the ornaments.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sleeping underneath the tree.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting the Christmas tree up more than once!
Christmas tree and train

Putting up the Christmas tree and train set



Marigold wearing Santa hat

Wearing Santa hats

Zeke in snow

Playing in the snow if we are lucky

Zeke and Marigold

Playing with your friends

Zeke and Verty cat

Remembering old friends (Verty RIP)

3 cats christmas

Visits by the ghosts of Christmas past! Left to Right Angels Gracie, Data, Peep.


Making our Christmas blog


Zeke and Marigold playing with feather

Playing with danglers

Opie playing in box

Playing in boxes

Zeke on Christmas card

Sending Christmas Cards

Zeke and Opie under tree

Meeting under the Christmas tree


Christmas cat sock

Hanging up your Christmas Cat Sock

Scooby toys fireplace
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  warming by the fireplace
Christmas Means:  WEARING SANTA HATS
Scooby Zeke Christmas Paper

We hope you enjoyed our annual CHRISTMAS MEANS post with some additional photos added this year.  Christmas also means LOVE.

greg clipart signaure
signature greg

Angel on my Shoulder (Father’s Day Holiday Weekend)

The Father’s Day Holiday Weekend Selfie is Angel on my Shoulder.  Looks a whole lot like a tiny Opie!  I wonder what she is whispering into my ear? Happy Father’s Day maybe?

Greg selfie little Opie

Opie on my shoulder

Scooby Opie

Scooby and Opie

Maybe I will see if I can get you outside some too, Opie, if you behave nicely.