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Thanksgiving. Scooby you are too early as it is not Thanksgiving today, but it will be soon. I know you want some turkey but you will just have to wait a few days more. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving (2020)

Zeke Happy Thanksgiving

Yes we know Happy Thanksgiving (2020) is an impossibility. It can only be a shadow of Thanksgivings passed. Our only hope is for Thanksgiving 2021 and hopefully living that long. Frankly we in Washington are under pretty strict lock-down rules; everyone is mad, defiant, or just resigned to it like me. No holiday visitors in your home unless they quarantined two weeks or had a negative covid test 4 days before Thanksgiving. Ever try to get a covid test? What lines! Good luck with that. Anyways, No turkey here or big meal planned. It is Big Pizza Day. No preparation, no clean-up, just eating. Scooby and Zeke are big pizza fans. So for everyone stuck in their homes with nothing to do but read this, have a Happy Thanksgiving! And start making plans and dieting for a really stomach bursting Thanksgiving in 2021!

Scooby cat in Pizza hat

1917 Thanksgiving postcard

Happy Thanksgiving!

Once more I will dive into my father’s postcard collection. He kept many of them when he was a child, which I found after he died carefully stored away in a box. Most of them are Valentines–some of which I previously posted. Today for Thanksgiving I have only one “new” one to post. It was copyrighted in 1917 but sent in 1922.

1917 Thanksgiving postcard

1917 postcard


Zeke warns: Don’t eat too much Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Like every Thanksgiving, the cats will be prowling about underfoot when they smell the turkey roasting. Fear not that they will each have some!

Thanksgiving postcard 1921

Happy Thanksgiving / Christmas tree 2014

When my father was only a child, he saved the holiday postcards he received. There is a large collection which are mostly valentines and Christmas cards. Today in honor of Thanksgiving, I present a postcard from 1921:



In the upper left corner, we see a “pilgrim” girl waving at the turkey, while she holds what appears to be an ear of indian corn. Bye, bye! To the dinner table with you!


Previously, we were complaining about having nothing to do around here. Instead of lying about, we decided to put up a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. A small artificial tree was put together. Opie supervised the placement of the tree, and declared the position to be satisfactory.

100_2713N 1200 c

We finally finished most of the tree decorating, but not all. There is no shiny tinsel. The cats like to play with tinsel and eat it! Tinsel is not allowed! There are a few more special ornaments I must find, and place upon the tree. Overall, Opie was satisfied with the results of our labor so far.

100_2714N 1600

100_2717N 1200

This does not smell like a REAL tree!



You need to add more dangling things at the bottom for me to bat around! (Will do!)



Why are the lights off?

100_2729N ce

I did not ask for the camera flash!

Thanksgiving Day we prowl about as the holiday turkey is being cooked. After we eat, we groom and sleep, while the humans watch football.