Happy Thanksgiving (2020)

Zeke Happy Thanksgiving

Yes we know Happy Thanksgiving (2020) is an impossibility. It can only be a shadow of Thanksgivings passed. Our only hope is for Thanksgiving 2021 and hopefully living that long. Frankly we in Washington are under pretty strict lock-down rules; everyone is mad, defiant, or just resigned to it like me. No holiday visitors in your home unless they quarantined two weeks or had a negative covid test 4 days before Thanksgiving. Ever try to get a covid test? What lines! Good luck with that. Anyways, No turkey here or big meal planned. It is Big Pizza Day. No preparation, no clean-up, just eating. Scooby and Zeke are big pizza fans. So for everyone stuck in their homes with nothing to do but read this, have a Happy Thanksgiving! And start making plans and dieting for a really stomach bursting Thanksgiving in 2021!

Scooby cat in Pizza hat

1917 Thanksgiving postcard

Happy Thanksgiving!

Once more I will dive into my father’s postcard collection. He kept many of them when he was a child, which I found after he died carefully stored away in a box. Most of them are Valentines–some of which I previously posted. Today for Thanksgiving I have only one “new” one to post. It was copyrighted in 1917 but sent in 1922.

1917 Thanksgiving postcard

1917 postcard


Zeke warns: Don’t eat too much Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Like every Thanksgiving, the cats will be prowling about underfoot when they smell the turkey roasting. Fear not that they will each have some!