Zeke summer birdhouse

Too hot to play

Too hot to play is a description of today. We lie still trying to keep cool, and look at Mt Rainier wishing we were in the snow! I do this bonus post as I hide away in the shadows as well.

mt rainier

Mt Rainier









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Monday’s ennui

Normal on a Monday is a slow start.  Speaking of slow starts, tomorrow the girls both head to the vet for a bunch of injections in the afternoon.  One problem with cat birthdays is shots cannot be far behind!  Holiday excitement on the weekend–boring when it is over.  There is no middle ground.  The vet is also a drag, so ennui–the word for the day–continues on Tuesday.

Yesterday I took this snap.  The weather looks the same today.  It will look the same tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. . . .  If ennui was weather, then this would be it.  We rarely get lost here.  Mt Rainier is to the southeast–a steadfast compass point.  I shall try to visit some blogs today.

mt rainier washington

Mt Rainier Washington

Scooby bed

Scooby the Lion King–not in a hurry to get out of bed!


Reflections 2

Reflections in a golden eye 2 are more old, but not too old, photographs that were never posted or posted and not seen! During the holiday season, most people are busy shopping, traveling, and all, I am not really going to be much here either.  I just automatically scheduled this post to fire off as a flare today. Perhaps someone will see it–perhaps not!  I wonder how many swats the cats have made in the last week and a half in the previous post–a million–a billion? PHOTOS follow: Continue reading →

cat food

Emergency cat supplies

This post is about preparing for emergencies–primarily for your cats! It needed an update and rewrite, so here it is!

Everyday on the television news, we see films of natural disasters. We see hurricanes. We see tornadoes. We see floods. We see earthquakes and tidal waves and war. We see failed nuclear power reactors spewing radiation. We see volcanos erupting. Wherever you live, there is something that could happen to you. Some disasters are more likely than others in the area where you live.

Where I live, the largest threats are earthquake or volcanic eruption. There is a risk when living within sight of a dormant volcano. The volcano in my neighborhood is Mount Rainier. It is 14,411 feet high.

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

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