The Four Cats

Hard to get them together, but here are The Four Cats apart!

Scooby microwave

Just trying to beat the heat! (Scooby)

Zeke eating

Opie forgot to finish off her plate of trout! I love trout! (Zeke)


I am glad you brought me back home. (Marigold)

Opie cat on stairs

Watch where you step! (Miss Opie)

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    1. I am well aware that Opie gets the least exposure of them all. It has been that way a long time. If I post blocks of four now and then, at least she will get some equal time. I thought it was against the law to not have A/C in California! We are getting pretty good at surviving the heat. Have a good evening, and thanks for the comment, Mia.

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      1. Greg, I’ll be looking forward to the blocks of four! Opie is also a beautiful cat, what a coat! Life without AC is usually okay, although this year has been a different story altogether. Hopefully a much needed break from the heat is on the way. Happy to read, “We are getting pretty good at surviving the heat.” Keep it up!

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            1. PS> I am not the old ground crew worker who stole the commuter plane from SeaTac and crashed into a nearby island! So normal blogging will continue! What else will the weekend bring? Hope yours includes eating out somewhere nice at the minimum.

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              1. Greg, I saw the news and the videos surround this event, I’m very pleased that normal blogging will continue! Really, what else will the weekend bring?! Thank you for the nice wishes, eating out sounds delightful! Please enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and “Cheers” to a cooler evening!


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