Scooby’s Gotcha Day (2 years)

Oct 13 is Scooby’s Gotcha Day.  Zeke decided as a treat to give Scooby a massage.

Zeke Massaging scooby

Nothing like a good massage on your Gotcha Day!



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Playing with Dynamite!

Yes, you are at the right place!  Today we view a Scooby animation–playing with his catnip Dynamite!

Scooby catnip dynamite

Scooby playing with catnip Dynamite!

Scooby cat catnip

Scooby under the influence of catnip

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Television watching cats

Scooby television

Scooby watching a cat walking in Japan

All of my cats at one time or another like to watch television if something interesting is on. I did a tv blog on Opie a while back. Zeke goes so far as to watch his favorite Youtube videos of animals. Zeke is the real television fan. Let’s have a look:

Zeke Marigold

Zeke and Marigold watching a bird together on Youtube

Zeke squirrel

Zeke watching a white squirrel! Do not touch!

Zeke touching tv

Just testing!

cat bird

More Zeke watching youtube

Do your cats watch video?