Zeke wanted

Is the Scooby Gang back in Town?

Rumours have been going around, and people are asking is the Scooby Gang back in Town? There have been unconfirmed stories of members of the gang being sighted in the area. The last we heard, they had escaped to Bolivia to join up with the Hole in the Wall Gang. From unnamed sources, we have obtained these exclusive photos. They have been identified as the notorious and dangerous “Zeke the Kid”. The public is asked to not approach, but alert authorities if Zeke is spotted. This is a public service announcement.

Zeke the kid
Zeke the kid
Zeke the Kid
Zeke the Kid

Zeke cat

Zeke the other snow cat

Zeke is the other snow cat. He is a Maine Coon and loves all types of weather. He is always wanting out in the catio to check the weather out first thing in the morning. The catio has no roof, but is partially protected by the overhang of the roof eave.

This is the end of our snow series, as warm air is arriving from the south and will be melting everything extremely rapidly. If we are lucky, that will be the last of the snow for us this Winter! Christmas I would have thought snow beautiful and appropriate. In February it was a giant nuisance!

Zeke c atio snow
Zeke in the catio checking the snow
Zeke cat
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Scooby snow

Snow Day

Today in the Pacific Northwest, we are having a “Snow Day”. Schools are closed. People are driving around crazy sliding off the road and getting stuck. We at the Feline Cafe are already where we need to be so no worries. How to spend the day is the question. Snow falling and cold outside. Zeke was the first and only cat to rush out into the catio. He always has to be first outside to check on the weather conditions and also check for birds and other trespassers. Opie being a clever girl stays put in her favourite window on the second floor where she has a warm commanding view of the back garden. Scooby, on the other hand, is always game for a walk-about on his harness. Got his penguin snow hat out, as it is cold and snowy and out we went. Photos follow:

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Christmas Means (2018)


zeke laundry basket no meta
I am a bad boy, again!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  exploring the new Christmas tree!

CHRISTMAS MEANS:  remembering the cats of Christmas past. . . .
cat cemetery 2013
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting together new cat furniture.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  eating good food
Zeke dinner table


 2013-11-16_Zeke in box nmd
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  playing in the snow!
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sitting in the dark with Christmas lights for illumination.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  arranging the tree branches.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  looking for burned out light bulbs.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  adjusting the ornaments.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  sleeping underneath the tree.
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  putting the Christmas tree up more than once!
Christmas tree and train

Putting up the Christmas tree and train set



Marigold wearing Santa hat

Wearing Santa hats

Zeke in snow

Playing in the snow if we are lucky

Zeke and Marigold

Playing with your friends

Zeke and Verty cat

Remembering old friends (Verty RIP)

3 cats christmas

Visits by the ghosts of Christmas past! Left to Right Angels Gracie, Data, Peep.


Making our Christmas blog


Zeke and Marigold playing with feather

Playing with danglers

Opie playing in box

Playing in boxes

Zeke on Christmas card

Sending Christmas Cards

Zeke and Opie under tree

Meeting under the Christmas tree


Christmas cat sock

Hanging up your Christmas Cat Sock

Scooby toys fireplace
CHRISTMAS MEANS:  warming by the fireplace
Christmas Means:  WEARING SANTA HATS
Scooby Zeke Christmas Paper

We hope you enjoyed our annual CHRISTMAS MEANS post with some additional photos added this year.  Christmas also means LOVE.

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