squeaky cat postcard

Vintage Squeaky Cat Postcards

This post is about squeaky cat postcards.

The squeaky cat postcards below were all given to me as a gift. I had never seen them before. Squeaky postcards of all kinds were made in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Cats were not the only subject. Two pieces of paper were glued together with the squeaker placed inbetween the layers. All the cards have a bulge in the middle. The squeaker is the same sound regardless of the photographs displayed. I did no photo-editing at all on the photographs. None of mine were ever mailed so I have no definitive date on any of them. Someone must have just been saving the cards. They are devoid of publisher except for #2 which was made in France. All of the others were made in Japan. I saw many for sale on the internet with asking prices varying from $1 each to double digits–good luck with that double digit asking price!

I made a short video so you could hear the “squeak” and watch Marigold who was sleeping being disturbed by the noise.

Photographs of the individual postcards follow:
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Cats lady

Sunday Comic: The Cat Lady’s Walk is Disturbed

The comic “Cat Lady’s Walk is Disturbed” comes from my vintage German book “Germania Kalender 1916”. This post was previously published on my old Feline Cafe blog on Blogger several years ago. I used to do more old book stuff then. I am squinting my way through everyone’s blogs the past 10 days or so today, making a few comments–ignore my spelling. Comics and graphic novels are what I read these days as they are easier for me to read.

Cats lady

The Disturbed Walk of the Cat Lady I

cats and cat lady

The Disturbed Walk of the Cat Lady II

‘These books were published for German-Americans by George Brumder in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I also have “1913”. They were published annually from the 1880’s into the 1920’s, and have a characteristic red cover. (I have personally seen copies from the 1880’s into the 1920’s but whether they were published earlier or later, I do not know. During the First World War, the name was changed to “America Kalender.”) The books contain “almanac” data like tide tables and moon phases, photos, illustrations, current events, biographies, poems, jokes, short stories, as well as children’s stories. I might post more cat joke items as time goes by.’

Germania Kalender

Germania Kalender 1916


Opie loves Christmas music / Vintage Christmas postcards



Opie is a cat that enjoys music. She especially likes when I put a platter on the old record player purchased in 1974. I have an older and larger console model from the 60’s which works perfectly well, but you see I now use it as a TV stand.

cat and tv

Opie likes the screensaver

I had to protect the cloth over the speakers to prevent the cats from scratching them. My eyesight is poor so I must sit very close to see properly. Opie is waiting for me in my chair. She likes to sit in my lap and watch or sleep. I have several boxes full of records. I do sit and play them now and then. The most used ones are the Christmas albums, which are played in December.

Opie and record player

Opie loves music

Vintage Christmas Cards

My father kept all the holiday cards he received until 1930. Here are a few. They are all postcards and not folding cards. Some I can exactly date and others I cannot.They are mostly from the 1920’s. Cards do not show any publishers or origin.

Santa getting into sleigh

Christmas Card horse drawn wagon


Christmas Card children and wagon

1923 More abuse to come baby Sis!

Christmas Card Santa sleigh

Santa on sleigh

Christmas Card child on rocking horse

(1922) Reference to Teddy Roosevelt. Nice sword–don’t poke your eye out!

Christmas Card Santa emptying sack

1925 Took me a minute to figure this one out!

Christmas Card cats

1921 Cats for Christmas!

Christmas Postcard 1922


Christmas postcard 1923


Christmas postcard 1918

1918 Cancer Santa smoking pipe

Christmas postcard 1920


stereoview girl and cat

Girl sleeping with her cat (1905)

I think it is time to put up another stereoview from my collection. Not much is happening with my cats at the moment. This particular card is not rare at all. Views of children and their pets were popular subjects. This particular card is copyrighted in 1905 by the card publishing giant Underwood & Underwood in the USA.

stereoview girl and cat

Entering the gates of Sleepy Land


The photograph is not a snapshot. I am sorry to say that the photograph is posed in a photographic studio. The little girl is not asleep really, as you may be able to tell by the grip she has on the cat with her hand. The cat looks more like he is purring than sleeping. I will say that the cat has a very familiar face. I bet he is orange. What do you think? He has probably run through his nine lives by now. The little girl is probably 110 years old, more or less.

3 cats in bed

Opie Marigold and Zeke entering the gates of Sleepy Land


Zeke and Armed Forces Day

Today is Armed Forces Day. The holiday was created in 1949 by President Truman to celebrate the patriots in the armed forces. Today I decided to show a vintage F86D “Sabre Dog”. I took the photograph at the JBLM (McChord) Air Museum. Something about this picture does not look right. Anyway, The Sabre Dog first flew in 1952 and could go as fast as 700 miles per hour. It carried no guns. It had four missiles inside an internal weapons bay. It was an interceptor designed to shoot down bombers.


F86D Sabre Dog 317th FIS

This sabre dog is painted in the 317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron colors, which all of their airplanes had.

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cat and game

International Table Top Day Today & Yesterday

About three years ago, actor Wil Wheaton (Star Trek the Next Generation)  started International Table Top day.  The point is to celebrate the joy of playing table top board games with your friends. 

Zeke yawning

Time to wake up!  It’s International Table Top Day

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